Move your AutoCAD database into SolidWorks for pennies a drawing!

We provide a drawing translation service to rapidly and efficiently move your AutoCAD drawing database into SolidWorks.  We will convert thousands of files in just a few days.  We take your existing AutoCAD drawings ( or any standard DXF or DWG file) and rapidly and cleanly recreate them in SolidWorks.  Convert your entire library and migrate your engineering department onto your CAD tool of choice.  Reduce your software maintenance and upgrade costs, and improve your efficiency by moving completely to a single CAD platform.

Compare our rates and see if you can afford not to convert!

Number of Files Price per drawing
500 files or fewer $1.00
501-750 files $0.90
751-1000 files $0.80
1001-1500 files $0.70
1501-2000 files $0.60
2001+ files $0.50

Send us your files for translation (we accept CD's DVD's, DAT tapes, Zip and SuperDisk, or via FTP transfer) or for an additional fee we can perform the translation at your facility to ensure total data security.  Call us for more information.

All translations are done in our Wisconsin offices.  This is not an 'off-shore' operation.


Translation is for AutoCAD drawings to SolidWorks drawings (2D to 2D). Services for the generation of 3D SolidWorks models can be provided separately.  An empty SolidWorks model can be associated to each drawing for PDM and bill of material purposes.  We can use your start model for the associated model.