Customized training courses for 
ystems Administrators

Systems administrators need to know how the software works with your network setup, file locations, license serving, plotter communications, network loading, etc.  We offer a customized course to provide systems administrators with the knowledge necessary to successfully install and administer a Pro/ENGINEER site on either UNIX or Windows.  This course will provide you with the necessary background to make the correct choices for hardware, network, and software, and the knowledge to maintain them in the active environment of the engineering department.  Includes information on both Pro/PDM and Pro/INTRALINK.

For SolidWorks

Our SolidWorks systems administration course covers the information you need to configure the software to operate in your network environment.  Information about Windows networks, Novell, file sharing, concurrent engineering requirements, shared resources, network and disk loading, hardware requirements, and data management planning is provided with in depth analysis of all the major issues that are encountered during regular installation and administration of a SolidWorks engineering workgroup.

Our courses can be taught at either your location or at our offices.  All courses include a course manual. Courses can be conducted at times that are optimal to your needs.  Please contact us for additional information or to schedule a class time.