Automation allows the computer to perform repetitive tasks, freeing you to do more productive work.  Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks can be automated to perform routine and repetitive engineering, design and documentation tasks.  PDM systems can be automated to provide automatic drawing updates and data distribution as well as notification tasks.

Automation can save your organization hundreds or thousands of hours each year.  Additionally, automation can provide numerous automatic checks in the design and documentation process, thereby eliminating many errors.  Automated data transfer saves time and resources and is immune from transcription errors and the ever present typo.

For example, through automation, you can drive the CAD system from and excel spreadsheet, a Windows application, or even a web page.  Automation users don't need to know how the CAD system operates in order to use the system to specify and detail custom designs.  They simply enter the information the automated system asks for, and the system does the rest, producing completed engineering documents automatically.

Using this type of a system, automated through a web based interface, could allow your customers to spec out custom designs right from their own desktop.  The engineering data is developed and maintained at your site, while the customer receives instant representations of their requested design, even including costs and scheduling.

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