Corporate Profile

MSC Technologies was founded in 1995 to provide a new option to manufacturers in need of engineering support.

Before, your choices were limited to investing huge amounts of capital in workstations and software, and in the people to run it.  We looked at the situation and realized that many companies could not afford to have all of the latest technology due to the high costs.  What MSC Technologies offers our clients is access to all the technology that is available, without having to pay the full price for any one of them.  We provide advanced solids modeling, finite element analysis, rapid prototyping, simulation, tool design, and production support at low hourly rates.  This saves our clients both the time and the money involved in developing these resources internally.  Additionally, since our staff is composed of experienced engineers, there is no training necessary.  A simple phone call provides a complete engineering department, workstations, software, personnel, and support equipment.

We are practiced at functioning both as the entire engineering department for small to medium companies, or as a supplementary force for larger companies, where we can provide the additional skills, abilities, or capacity that is needed.  By utilizing MSC Technologies, small companies can compete with large ones, and large companies can gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by reducing development costs and time.

We provide complete engineering services for product development.  This covers everything from the initial stage of working up a concept, through the final release, to manufacture and the creation of user and service manuals.  Everything you need to launch your products in today's marketplace.