Cost Justification

Why should you use a consulting engineering firm?

Why not do all the engineering on my own?

It comes down to some simple points.

With MSC Technologies there are...

  • No Hardware Costs

  • No Software Costs

  • No Maintenance Costs

  • No Training Costs


  • No Personnel Costs

  • No Benefits Costs

  • No Organizational Costs

  • No Administration Costs


With MSC Technologies you get a trained engineering division, complete with all the hardware, software, tools, and experience needed to successfully complete your project, and it is available immediately, no time lost setting up equipment, or recruiting people.  In addition, MSC Technologies maintains the tools and equipment you have need of on only an occasional basis.  Complete Finite Element Analysis, Rapid Prototyping, Advanced Photo-rendering and Animation are all available through MSC Technologies at a simple hourly rate.  No need to purchase them yourself.  MSC Technologies also maintains multiple CAD suites, so that we can interface with your systems, as well as those of your suppliers and customers.

The choice is simple.  MSC Technologies provides all the resources you need for the times that you need them, and spares you the cost involved in developing those resources internally.  By using MSC Technologies you can minimize your operating cost, cut overhead, and optimize the process of getting your products to market.