Component Dynamix -
Automatic Dimensional Updating and Control of Components

When you install components in your assembly, ideally each occurrence should adapt to itss assembled constraints.  Until now, you had to handle this manually.  With Component Dynamix, springs, o-rings, lock washers, grommets, hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders and others and others automatically conform to their assembled condition.

When you place a spring into your assembly, it can automatically update its assembled condition according to the surrounding parts.  Any number of components can be dynamic simultaneously.  The same component can have any number of variations within any assembly.  It's as easy as One, Two, Three.

To apply
Component Dynamix 

Select the component

Two: Select the dimension(s) to vary

Three: Select the features in the assembly to follow

Component Dynamix will now do the rest of the work
for you on its own.

And that's it.  Component Dynamix handles all the internal details; your assembly maintains all the intelligence.  No equations to enter, no configurations to create.

Component Dynamix is compatible with all PDM systems.

Component Dynamix adjusts all components within the assembly, and only when needed.  The component models aren't changed, so there is no issue with data management revisions.