RAYWorks for SolidWorks

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RAYWorks is a SolidWorks add-in application that will create photo-realistic images of a SolidWorks model.  RAYWorks will allow you to assign materials to the objects in your SolidWorks model and also to create skies, fogs, and other scene modifiers.  RAYWorks will also allow you to position the camera and to define the direction in which the camera is pointing.  You will also be able to control how the camera "sees" the scene.  You can decide whether the camera is in orthographic or perspective viewing modes and also define the angle of the camera lens.

All of this can be accomplished without modifying your SolidWorks part or assembly!

           The following images were modeled in SolidWorks and rendered in RAYWorks.

RW drill

RW drill handle

RW tractor

RW fitting scene

RW full

Diamond Stand

Jewel 1

Jewel 2

Diamond on Platform


Earth 1

Earth 2

Tumbler Octo Room 2 Octo Room 1