Acc-u-Trans Translation Prices

Typical part files are processed for $140.00 in single quantities.

We define a “typical” part as one with up to approximately 100 features that are prismatic in nature (i.e. mostly comprised of extruded or revolved features).

Parts that fall outside of our definition of “typical” are quoted based on the number and complexity of the features that comprise the part. For example, parts that consist of complex surface features, or parts that contain large numbers of features (such as a casting with complex blends and draft angles) are more expensive to translate than typical parts.

Assemblies are quoted based on the number of parts in the assembly and the average complexity of the parts as defined above.


Example of a typical part.
Cost: $140


Example of a complex part.
Cost: $1,400


Example of an assembly
containing 26 parts.
Cost: $4,200

Pricing and delivery is determined by analyzing the files and preparing a specific quotation of price and expected lead-time.

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