Visual Basic Programming

We provide a variety of services through the use of Visual Basic and Visual Basic Scripting including, but not limited to:  Database Access and Control, CAD Automation and Control, Web Automation, File Control and Data Management, and Custom Tools.  At MSC Technologies, we provide user friendly and Windows based applications so our software formats are easy to follow and familiar to virtually everyone.

Database Access and Control – We are able to manage any amount of data with the use of programs such as Access, Excel and SQL Server.  We develop front-end applications to handle any task you may want accomplished.

CAD Automation and Control – We are highly experienced in this field.  We develop custom applications pertaining to the specific needs of the customer. We do everything from change and add Custom Info parameters to create drawings and draw a BOM in specified locations and everything in between.  If you can dream it up, chances are, we can handle it.

Web Automation – Through the use of VB scripting, we are able to create fully functional “applications” via the web.  We are able to access local machines and perform any of the various API calls through SolidWorks.

File Control and Data Management – We handle many forms of file control and data management.  Whether you want to ensure all files are in a similar directory or preview and manipulate information about specific files in an easy manner, we provide you the tool to accomplish this task.

Custom Tools – We provide custom software applications that follow company standards.  These applications save time, money and reduce overhead while employees get their work completed on a timelier basis.  We also create custom tools for everyday monotonous actions.  Check out our Show/Hide Program.